Executive Principals’ League

The Ministry of Education through the National College for Educational Leadership [NCEL], as a means of promoting excellence and quality leadership is introducing the Executive Principals’ League (EPL). The EPL under the distinguished patronage of the Governor General exists to highlight Principals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and have sustained an acceptable level of academic performance within their respective schools. The League which was created to recognize and reward outstanding models of school leadership aims at providing its members with an opportunity to share best practices and ideas whilst serving as ambassadors for the College and the Principalship.

Terms of Membership

League membership will be awarded to Principals who:

  1. receive a rating of Exceeds Expectation in Round One of the Effective Principals’ Training Programme;
  2. are in post for at least two to three years prior to their institution receiving a rating of Good or Exceptionally High by the National Education Inspectorate;
  3. are registered and tenured for a minimum of five years; and
  4. provide evidence of on-going professional development.

Prospective members are required to satisfy criteria one (1), three (3) and four (4) or two (2), three (3) and four (4).  Past winners of the Lasco Principal of the Year are qualified for automatic membership to the League. Membership will also be awarded to distinguished retired Principals.

Upon attaining at least 2 – 3 years of active membership, EPL members may recommend suitably qualified individuals for admission.


Membership which is subsequent to a review once every three years will be determined by virtue of continued excellence in leadership and performance, as well as peer and teacher reviews.


  • Philanthropy
    • The EPL will undertake projects and outreach activities consistent with the thrust towards advancing the welfare of disadvantaged / vulnerable individuals.
  • Professional and Peer Support
    • Members of the League given their expertise and considered influence will from time to time offer mentorship and technical support to their colleagues, advocate for effective school leadership, facilitate school improvement initiatives and be instrumental in the promulgation of school leadership research.

Benefits of Membership

The League is an avenue through which Principals are recognised and motivated. In addition to the professional development that will accrue its members, economic benefits will also be derived.