Purpose Statement

Developing leaders for the education system


Vision Statement

NCEL, the premiere educational leadership training and development organisation that is creating world class leaders for Jamaica and the global community.


Mission Statement

To develop and support highly competent educational leaders who are able to create and sustain effective schools, thereby contributing to national development.



Creating world class educational leaders.


Core Values

As an agency of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, the College will demonstrate its core values that guides its operations.  These include:

  • Continuous Learning - We commit ourselves to being creative, efficient and innovative in the provision of on-going opportunities aimed at leadership development.
  • Excellence - We commit ourselves to consistently strive for outcomes that are exemplary rather than simply satisfactory.
  • Collaboration - We commit ourselves to facilitating and negotiating with our key players so as to build capacity.
  • Quality Service - We commit ourselves to being responsive in delivering the highest level of support to our clients and partners in an honest, fair and ethical manner.   
1. Enables the supply of highly competent school leaders;
2. Focuses leadership on school improvement and student performance; and
3. Provides high-quality cost effective services based on education policies, research, data and best practices.